a guide to playing real money poker games at US poker sites in 2014

casino dice gamesUpdated In April, 2020 - The most popular online poker games include Texas Holdem, Omaha poker and Omaha HL. Other poker games are 7 Card Stud, Stud HL and Razz are also available at most online poker sites in 2014. Poker games like 5 Card Draw, Badugi and Triple Draw are only available at a handful of Internet poker rooms but the are most commonly played at Pokerstars in 2014. For someone who has experienced the same thrills of the game at live tables, playing poker over the Internet is less of a challenge and more of an adventure. There are many similarities between the two types of card games, which leads to a mild learning curve and the convenience of playing online is unmatched. US poker players are limited to a handful of websites where they can play without breaking the law or exposing themselves to unnecessary risks.

Bet Online Poker is such a website, where they are welcome with a first deposit bonus worth 200% the original investment and numerous bonuses down the road. The most successful ones will enjoy fast US deposits and payouts, which is a big selling point in this highly competitive industry. When it comes to the poker games they get to choose from, they enjoy the same broad spectrum as their European counterparts, including cash games, sit 'n goes and tournaments. I have listed the best US poker sites in 2014 below. These online poker rooms accepting USA players in 2014 have the highest traffic at a wide range of games of poker.

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online poker games and Internet poker sites in 2014

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Cash games remain the most popular type of poker, with players being allowed to sit at the tables and leave whenever they like. There is a minimum buy-in and a maximum limit, with players being the ones to decide how much money they deposit and when it is time to cash out. The blinds stay the same throughout the game and this allows players to stick to their favorite strategy, without being in danger of losing their stack due to fast rising blinds.

By comparison, tournaments are played by different rules, with all participants sitting down at the tables at the same time and competing for a slice of the prize pool. Only the best placed players make the money and the biggest slice of the cake goes to the ones who made the final table, with the winner receiving the lion's share. The advantage of playing tournaments is that you get the chance to win a fortune in a matter of hours, without making a similarly large investment.

Full Flush Poker is another poker room where US players can compete at both cash poker games and tournaments, depending on what format they prefer. The website also offers a first deposit bonus of 150% up to a total of $600 and 20% instant cash credit for subsequent deposits. This makes it much easier for beginners to build a bankroll from scratch and play on real money even if they have limited means. Last but definitely not least, sit'n goes are the perfect compromise between the aforementioned forms of poker and those who choose them, enjoy the best of both worlds. On one hand, the rules are very similar to tournaments, with rising blinds and a strict payout structure that rewards players who make a deep run. On the other hand, SNGs take far less time than traditional tournaments and the competition is less intense, with the number of participants counting in dozens rather than hundreds or thousands.